About Us

Welcome to Holbrook Community Pre-school

Holbrook Community Pre-school is a registered charity that was established in 1983 with the aim of enhancing the development and education of children under statutory school age in a parent-involving and community-based group in the Holbrook area of Horsham.

At Holbrook Community Pre-school we have been providing high quality Pre-school education for 30 years. We have been awarded the “Outstanding” early years provision by Ofsted.

Our team of dedicated staff come from a variety of backgrounds and are all local. Many of our team started their journey with us when their children attended our setting. We are proud to say that this gives our team a very personal connection to the Pre-school and it’s children.

Here are our team:

Moor, Nicky

Nicky Moors; Setting Leader

Tee, Jacky

Jacky Tee; Registrar and Supervisor

Bradley, Katie

Katie Bradley; Supervisor and SenCo

Cheesman, Heidi

Heidi Cheesman; Session Assistant and Cover Supervisor

Collins, Jacky

Jacky Collins; Session Asisstant

Warren, Jemma

Jemma Warren; Session Assistant

Miller-McGuinness, Louisa

Louisa Miller-McGuinness; Session Assistant

Crabb, Ros

Ros Crabb; Session Assistant and Cover Supervisor

Batten, tracy

Tracy Batten; Session Assistant


Charlotte Diton; Session Assistant

Jennifer Woodward;Setting Administrator


 Holbrook Community Pre-School, North Heath Hall, St Mark’s Lane , Horsham, RH12 5PU

Email: holbrookpreschool@gmail.com
Registrar: hcp.registrar@gmail.com

Reviewed; April 2019

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